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  • Home Delivery/Visit Available.
  • Phone Number(s): 9841028327   9841828327
  • Tags: Lending Library, Mobile Library, books, library
  • Address: 334-B, Dr Lakshmanaswamy Salai., kk Nagar,.
  • Nolambur, Chennai,600095
  • Email ID: info@bookwormslibrary.com
  • URL: www.bookwormslibrary.com
  • Days of Operation: Third Saturday of the Month
  • Hours of Operation: Day TIme

About us

LIBRARY ON WHEELS: This is a kind of library service, where our vehicle (photo attached) will carry around 3000+ books to cater to the booklovers in Chennai city. We will be visiting each area, once in a month and the members can enroll and borrow books with us. The vehicle will drive down to their doorsteps on fixed timing / day with prior information. A member can enroll with us initially by paying Rs. 550 as following break-up. 1. Refundable Deposit Rs 300 (will be refunded when the member cancels membership) 2. One time registration fee Rs 50 3. Monthly Subscription Rs 200 Once a membership is taken, the member is entitled to borrow upto 10 books and keep them for a month - until our next visit. So it goes like this. For your area, Mugapair, Vaanagaram and surrounding, the fixed day of visit is on every THIRD SATURDAY of the month. We are Established in the year 2001. Our main floor library is situated in KK nagar at 334-B, Dr Lakshmanaswamy Salai. We have around 30 thousand plus books and adding.


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