• What is KAM?
    "KnowAroundMe’, your Locality specialist, intends to make your living space an interactive one. KAM is for you, if you want to get familiarized with your surroundings, to know what is happening around you and what services are available at the reach of your hand. KAM, What started as a small venture to help the neighbours to collaborate in whatsapp, has now evolved into a website to cater all the participants of the society. It has all the thoughtfully designed features to make a society collaborative and Interactive.
  • How KAM benefits a society?
    Knowaroundme keeps the communities interconnected and creates a friendly and interactive environment in neighborhood.
  • I'm only a Consumer. Do I need to register?
    Its not mandatory. You can browse the website without registering. You can also login through Google account or Facebook account without registering with KnowAroundMe. Only after logging in, You can - Participate in discussion forums, polls; - Preview and rate the business provider;
  • How to Register as an user?
    "You can Register by clicking on SIGNUP on the homepage. Do fill up the registration form with neccesary details, you will receive an OTP to verify your phone number and submit the form"
  • How to Register my business?
    "You can Register by clicking on SIGNUP on the homepage. Do fill up the registration form with necessary details, you will receive an OTP to verify your phone number and submit the form"
  • How to post advertisements?
    You can send your advertisement images to support@knowaroundme.com or contact through Adviertisement tab in home page right corner.
  • How to search?
    "Select your locality, either 1. Type in the search box to search the service or product or 2. Browse through the categories to find the service or product you can read more about the search in the link below"
  • Why should I search in KAM?
    KAM will help you identify the services in your very locality with much ease. It helps you to find more intrciate inner level details which is not found anywhere else, like 1. Classes taken in your neighbourhood at home level 2. Very small home enterprenuers
  • What I could find in KAM?
    All locality information like classes, services available, products given, food related queries etc, can be found in KAM.
  • How will my product or service be listed/shown to the customers?
    The users will use search option to search for a product or service. The business providers will be listed, by Matching-Keywords searched for, in that selected locality. For more details, read in the link below. http://knowaroundme.com/blog/how-to-make-my-product-service-searchable-viewable-by-consumers/
  • How to Select the locality?
    Two places where you can choose your locality - 1. Home page top tab, type in few letters of your locality, a drop down suggestions will be listed where you can select 2. Tab near search box, type in few letters of your locality, a drop down suggestions will be listed where you can select
  • How to use Discussion forum?
    Discussion forum is the place where you can discuss, look for suggestions regarding any topic related to your locality. This is a medium to interact with your fellow residents to understand your neighbourhood.
  • How to enquire about a product/ service?
    There are three ways you can enquire- 1. Enquire through "Make an Enquiry" in Business provider's Profile page. 2. you contact directly the vendor through the Mobile number mentioned in their profile page; You can even whatsapp them if you are using mobile phone 3. If products mentioned, you can enquire individual product through email or whatsapp
  • What is Suggestion box in the profile page?
    You can send suggestions to the vendors to improve their product or service.
  • What is a profile page?
    It is the Business profile page, where you can, * View the description of a business, their contact details, location details. * View their products, services offered. * Make an enquiry to the vendor about their business and their products. * View the ratings, reviews given by other consumers. * Rate the business based on your experience and provide reviews.
  • How to delete/Exit from KAM?
    Click My Account in Home page, your profile page will open, Click delete account at the bottom of the page. Your account will be deleted.
  • "This phone number is already registered with us" - What to do?
    Register through another number or delete old profile and register as new user or business provider.
  • I am a Registered user. I want to register my business now? What to do?
    Either you can register through new phone number or delete the user profile and register new as a business provider.
  • Is there any offer from KAM to me?
    Check in Offers section for both vendor's offers and KAM offers
  • Where can I talk in detail about my business?
    A basic description in your profile page and in "what we offer" section you can describe about your products and services.
  • How can I buy a product from a service provider's page?
    Click Enquiry or whatsapp below the image to enquire about it
  • Can I share a service provider's page with my friends?
    Yes. Through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+; Click on the share button on the profile page to share Business provider's profile page to your friends.
  • What is the 'Eye' icon in a service provider's page?
    Number of views/visitors to that page.
  • My account was added by Admin, How to login?
    If added by KAM admin, The username and the password will be the mobile number which is registered with KAM. Please change your password after you logged in.