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Anuja Deenadayalan
Written by Anuja Deenadayalan

The thuvayal is a popular dish across Tamil Nadu and works equally well mixed with rice and as an accompaniment for dosa. The name of this dish probably came from thuvarpu or astringency – one of the six tastes (arusuvai) mentioned in Tamil literature.

     It’s an instant main course. It’s a thick paste – thicker than chutney. This healthy dish can be made with curry leaves or coriander leaves or mint leaves or even with nutritious vegetable peels of gourds.

      Many thuvayal can last for three-four days without refrigeration. It’s a perfect pre-mix for rice. Thuvayal are not just convenient to make, but are also full of goodness. I like to use it as sandwich spread too. Come let’s check out the varieties of thuvayal!

The Thuvayal recipes list :-

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Anuja Deenadayalan

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