South Indian Curries- Main course

              Kuzhambu and Sambar varieties are the most important dishes in the South Indian curries – main course menu. Kuzhambu is a common dish in Tamil cuisines. In Tamil Nadu, traditionally they use sesame oil. Kuzhambu is gravy made with tamarind juice and few varieties of vegetables. It is very popular as a main course for rice in the south India. We can prepare many varieties of kuzhambu just by adding the exact proportion of the spices. The preparation of kuzhambu is usually with the tamarind juice as the main ingredients, for some types of kuzhambu, such as pavakai kuzhambu I use a small amount of jaggery. By adding the other spices, onions, and garlic it gets the perfect finishing. I prepare the kuzhambu with homemade chilli powder which adds flavor to my dish.

                                                             Sambar is a lentil based vegetable gravy cooked with small amount of tamarind extract/ juice. Sambar is a south Indian dish that is eaten along with breakfast as a side dish or meal.  Mostly, idly /dosa/ pongal / rice are served with sambar. The method of preparation differs for each.  In sambar, dal is the main ingredient. It can be made with shallots and tomatoes but, including varieties of vegetables like pumpkin, carrot, radish, bottle guard, drumstick, eggplant, and mango and lady finger enhances the taste. The choice of vegetables is based on a personal liking. Each lends different flavor aroma and taste.

                                         The traditional sambar varies from state to state. A bowl of sambar taste in Bengaluru will be different from the way it is cooked and served in Kerala or Tamil Nadu. In Karnataka they add jaggery; in Tamil Nadu they prefer more of spicy way. Keralite, on the other hand, give lots of importance to the use of coconut, thereby tempering is prepared in coconut oil and Tamil Nadu traditionally uses sesame oil. Most of the traditional south Indian households use only toor dal but, some use a mix of masoor dal and moong dal with toor dal. Masoor dal gives a thick consistency to the dish. I use homemade sambar powder to enhance its taste. I am going to share my different varieties of samba and kuzhambu recipes with you all. Are you ready folks!


The Recipe

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