One year Mile Stone – KAM

When the very thought of celebration was discussed in the group, the idea of celebrating it with the needy people was wholeheartedly welcomed by all the members. With the generous contributions made, the day out to the orphanage and the oldage home took place. Few volunteers joined hands to visit the places and spent memorable time with them.

Thank you so much friends, for making our one year milestone a most satisfying one. It cannot be better than this.




It’s great experience of love and joy at Anna Anandam illam, really i thank Shobha and all our sponsors, weldon – Subashini

Yeah!it was a really a great experience at Aanandam Old Age Home. But it was very neat well organised and the Members there well taken care. Really KAM Members are blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity to contribute for two voluntary organisations on the same day and thank Shobha for creating such a wonderful opportunity. We are really blessed. Let us all grow as a family and May God Bless all the Members of the KAM family. – Jayanthi

Agreed – Rajani

It was a rememberable day and a great outing to meet energetic young people at both old age home and at children home – Arthy Rajendran

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  • It’s my pleasure to be a part of out KAM’s 1st bday celebration with needy people. Felt so blessed to meet aged ppl. OMG… The way they welcome us, their intrepretation, their concern, their knowledge, their way of utilising a day, I’ve admired, motivated and learnt many things on observing them. Sure it was much needed memory for my lifetime.