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Anuja Deenadayalan
Written by Anuja Deenadayalan

Hello all,

I’m Anuja Deenadayalan. As most of the women, I too learned
cooking after my marriage. As a beginner, I use to admire the way how
my mom, mother in law and sister cook. I wonder how they could do it so
casually and perfectly?! When I followed them I figured out the key to
their success. Firstly, they make it with love and care. Second is the,
usage of the exact proportion of the ingredients which yields better/more
consistent results.
           One should be aware of which ingredient to be added at which
point of time, to get the perfect outcome of the dish. The main aspect I
noticed was, they follow the traditional way of cooking which they tend to
follow from their last generation. 
              Even, I thought to do the same and wished to record them for
the benefit of future generation. This made me start recording the
traditional recipes. Later, I thought why not I share it in a blog so it might
be useful to all…and that’s how I’m here writing this blog. Hope my
recipes would be helpful for you all.
               We are in a super busy and fast lifestyle, I strongly believe
these traditional recipes would make you and your family relish a tasty
and healthy food.

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Anuja Deenadayalan

Anuja Deenadayalan

Hello all,
I am Anuja Deenadayalan.I am writing this blog about the special recipes which bring back the bond of family memories.

This is out of my 12 years of experience, I had been married since then. I learnt cooking after my marriage. The secrets of the favorite recipes has been pass down from generation to generation. So I tend to follow the traditional way of cooking from my mother, sister and mother in law.

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