About us


‘KnowAroundMe’, locality specialist, intends to make your living space an interactive one. KAM is for you, if you want to get familiarized with your surroundings, to know what is happening around you and what services are available at the reach of your hand.

KAM, What started as a small venture to help the neighbors to collaborate in WhatsApp, has now evolved into a website to cater all the participants of the society. It has all the thoughtfully designed features to make a society collaborative and Interactive.

With this platform, KAM strives to connect the existing/aspiringservice providers and the Customers

Existing Business providers - The Business-Profile-Page created inKAM, for every business provider act as an e-Business Card.

Aspiring service providers - To know what services are existing intheir locality and what is not, and can plan their venture accordingly.

Consumers, the back-bone of the system, can reach any service required using our website.